Slovenia: Centrist ruling party GS quits Twitter, denounces Elon Musk

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Slovenia’s ruling Freedom Movement (GS) has decided to stop using Twitter, citing concerns that the social media platform is being used by politicians to spread fake news and hate speech.

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“Given the behavior and announcements of Twitter’s new owner and management, we can expect them to further open its gates to obscene forms of communication and hate speech,” GS underlined in a statement today, referring to the platform’s recent acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk.

Liberal Prime Minister Robert Golomb’s GS won parliamentary elections in April with an agenda that promised to restore political decency and strengthen the rule of law, which critics argued had been undermined by conservative former Prime Minister Yanez Jansa.

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Jansa, a Twitter fanatic with more than 100,000 followers in a country of two million people, used and still uses the social network to attack critics and the media, while Golob said he would not use Twitter to avoid the temptation of quick fingers”, the hasty reactions of many in this social networking medium.

The Freedom Movement – ​​which holds 41 of the 90 seats in the House – pointed out that its Twitter account was blocked for three weeks due to technical issues and over time it realized that it did not need this medium to effectively reach citizens.

“At the same time, the platform has been abused by members and supporters of certain political parties to polarize society, spread fake news, manipulate, defame, insult or even use hate speech,” the GS said, adding that it did not wishes to be a part of it.

Source: News Beast

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