Smart Kit 360 2.9.4

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Smart Kit 360 – All-in-one app like compass, translator or ringtone app etc.


Main characteristics

  • Tiny Size
  • 32 applications can be replaced by one application
  • Most used feature apps
  • One simple click to create home screen shortcuts

Tools – located in different category which makes finding them very easy

Productivity • Utilities • Calculation • Conversion • Navigation & Measurement Tools

Smart kit 360 uniquely combines several functions:

1. Heart Rate Monitor

Measure your heart rate using your device’s camera and watch the real-time heart rate graph. Checking your pulse is an easy way to get information about your health.

2. Translator (All languages)

Easily translate words from one language to another with simple operations.

3. Music Finder

Listen to millions of songs for free from any genre

4. Exercise Timer

The ultimate fitness companion for any of your gym or home workouts.

5. Clear Cache, RAM Booster

Keep your phone clean! Clean junk files, cache and increase device memory.

6. Save Charge

Save and prolong your battery life with one easy optimizer.

7. Sound level meter

Monitoring of the current sound pressure level and its spectrum.

8. Map

Show route faster, find places, shows your current location on the map and share your GPS coordinates

9. Compass

You have the right direction always at hand for most of your outdoor activities.

10. Loupe

Enlarge small objects that are difficult to see. It also includes flashes of light.

11. Mirror

See yourself with the front camera even at night.

12. Protractor

Measure the slope of any object using a camera and an imaginary weight.

13. Ringtone

Create ringtones you love faster with this easy to use tool

14. Metal Detector

Detect the magnetic field of nearby materials and observe it on real-time maps.

15. Notepad


Notes easily in your favorite colors. Backup your notes, stay organized!

16. Currency Converter

Convert between different currencies. Exchange rates are updated automatically.

17. Calculator & Graph

Perform basic calculations with charts

18. Converter

Transformation of various physical quantities.

19. Audio Recorder

Easily record and playback high quality long time audio recordings on your smartphone or tablet.

20. Metronome

Classic metronome with adjustable tempo.

21. Step Tuner

Adjust the pitch of your voice or musical instruments. It can also play a corrected tone.

22. Code Scanner

Scan barcodes and QR codes quickly from your camera.

23. File Manager, Root Explorer

File manager with root explorer.

24. Altimeter

Calculates altitude using GPS

25. Abacus

Easy tool calculation and useful device learning

26. Ruler

Easily measure the dimensions of various objects.

27. Volokusha

Check surface level.

28. Speedometer

Shows useful speed and distance information for your journey.

29. Flashlight

Use it as a hand held light torch, as a flash light or as a music light show.

30. Checklist, Reminder

Get things done with a flexible list.

31. Stopwatch

Stopwatch accuracy with “autosave” results feature.

32. Vibrometer

Measures vibrations in all 3 axes: x, y, z and shows references to earthquake vibrations according to Mercalli intensity scale classification.

Tools support metric and imperial unit formats and multiple languages. However, not all devices have the appropriate sensors to support all instruments.

Source: Trash Box

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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