Smartphone sales in Russia decreased, while push-button phones increased

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According to a fresh report by the analytical company IDC, in the third quarter of this year, sales of smartphones in Russia showed negative dynamics. The reason for this was the global semiconductor crisis, which led to shortages of components and problems in supply chains. 8.1 million smartphones entered the Russian market, which is 1.3 million less than a year ago.

IDC noted that the global shortage of components initially did not affect all brands, but in the third quarter, problems were already observed with most manufacturers, including Xiaomi, which lost its leadership in the Russian market to Samsung. Analysts believe Russia has suffered more than some other countries. In particular, for many vendors, this market is less significant when it comes to flagship devices. The average price of a smartphone has also increased, and with it the volume of shipments in monetary terms, which in the third quarter amounted to $ 2.3 billion.

At the same time, the supply of push-button telephones in quantitative terms showed a stable growth. Over the past quarter, 3.3 million push-button telephones were delivered to Russia. By the way, according to Russian cellular operators, 20% of the country’s residents still buy push-button mobile phones.

As for the forecasts for the fourth quarter, as a rule, during this period there is an increased demand for smartphones, but the situation with a shortage of components will remain. In addition, it is not yet known what will happen to some Samsung smartphones, which were banned from selling in Russia due to copyright infringement. Considering all this, the volume of supplies may be less than at the end of last year.

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