Snake is rescued in SC after getting stuck in duct tape in a residence lining

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A fake coral snake was rescued from a residence last Friday (18), in Jaraguá do Sul (SC), after being glued to a double-sided adhesive tape. The rescue was carried out by biologist Christian Raboch, who had to use mineral oil to free her.

Raboch, who is from the Fundação Jaraguaense de Meio Ambiente, an environmental agency of the city hall, realized, upon arriving at the scene, that the animal was on the ceiling of the bathroom glued to the ceiling with double-sided tape.

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“From the color, I could identify that it was a false coral, young, about 30 centimeters long. It takes care and experience to rescue and identify this type of snake, because in Brazil alone we have more than 33 species of true corals and more than 50 false ones”, says the biologist to CNN 🇧🇷

Raboch filmed the rescue and posted it on his social media.🇧🇷 He says that the snake was healthy after being removed from the ceiling, despite showing fatigue, caused by the strength it was using to try to free itself from the tape. She was kept under observation and, shortly afterwards, she was released in a conserved forest area.

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Snake rescues are quite common in the region. In Jaraguá do Sul alone, 310 rescues were carried out last year.

Source: CNN Brasil

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