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Solz: Berlin’s decision to support Ukraine with air defense systems is a “big step”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz described Germany’s current support for Ukraine with air defense systems as a “big step”, while calling on NATO partners to respond to Ukraine’s request for additional systems. “In my view, this process is not complete,” Mr. Soltz said from the NATO Summit, which is being held in Washington. Last April, Ukraine requested seven air defense systems, of which Germany has already delivered three. “Germany took a big step to encourage it, to convince others that this is necessary. If we had not gone ahead, this step now would not have taken place”, said the chancellor, shortly before the meeting with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. At the start of the summit, Germany, the US and other allies promised Ukraine five Patriot systems. Olaf Solz also pointed out that he considers the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO sufficient, which will be recorded […]
Source: News Beast

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