Song ‘Mujeres’, by Ricardo Arjona, becomes a trend on TikTok for being macho

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30 years ago, Ricardo Arjona promoted the theme of his inspiration called Women, of which the singer once expressed that he composed to pay tribute to women. The song that was part of the album Nocturnal animal it was all a success. However, what Arjona probably never imagined is that three decades later she would become a trend for being considered macho.

Recently, on TikTok, there was a trend of sharing videos where different women are seen going through situations that could make them seem unintelligent. The song chosen in the background for the images is precisely the theme of the Guatemalan.

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Ricardo Arjona in concert on stage is dressed in dark clothes

Great controversy has been unleashed on TikTok, because while some users consider that the videos of girls facing various situations where they obviously did not make a good decision were made just as a simple moment of humor, for others the images have been absolutely offensive, as they assure that they show women as people with a lack of intelligence, with a musical theme that they consider “macho”.

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After the controversy generated, during one of his presentations, the singer-songwriter of If the north were the south He made some comments that have increased the controversy, since he assures that men are currently too devalued.

Today, let’s be clear, men are at the bottom of the social rungs, long after pets. You can say anything you can think of to a man that nothing will happen to him. I heard a lady last week, on a major show, qualify men like this, she openly said: ‘Men, brainless cavemen.’ Go say brainless to a pet and they take away your job.

Source: Okchicas

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