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‘Sorry, something’s wrong with me today’ – The moment presenter suffers a stroke on ‘air’

A presenter news anchor in Oklahoma, USA began suffering a stroke while on the air, leaving her speechless and forced to go offline last Saturday morning. KJRH’s Julie Chin was talking live about the cancellation of NASA’s Artemis-I launch when she suddenly couldn’t get the words out of the report.

Stammering and bewildered, Chin tried to continue the report, but soon realized she couldn’t. “I’m sorry, something is happening to me this morning and I apologize to everyone,” he finally said, giving the weather team a pass: “Let’s go ahead and go to meteorologist Annie Brown.”

Brown took over the broadcast as Chin was heard trying to apologize off camera.

“Julie, we love you so much, we love you so much,” Brown said with a laugh. “We all have days like that,” Brown added.

But it wasn’t just “one of those days” for Chin, who didn’t return to the airwaves after the weather forecast. Instead, her colleagues in the newsroom called an ambulance and Chin was rushed to the hospital.

On Sunday night, Chin explained in a Facebook post that she was in good health and that the doctor believed she had “the beginnings of a stroke, but not a full-blown one.” stroke». Chin explained that she was feeling fine before the broadcast, but that her condition suddenly and rapidly worsened:

“The episode seemed to appear out of nowhere. I was feeling great before our show. However, during the newscast, things started to happen. First, I partially lost my vision in one eye. Shortly after, my hand went numb.”

“I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth wouldn’t say the words that were right in front of me. If you watched Saturday morning, you know how desperately I tried to keep the show going, but the words just wouldn’t come out,” he noted.

She also thanked her colleagues for recognizing what was happening to her and taking action. He also noted that he is expected to be back on the air in a few days.

Source: News Beast

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