South Korea: 80% of a destroyer crew tested positive for coronavirus

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Its armed forces South Korea announced the largest outbreak of covid-19 infection, with more than 80% of the crew of a destroyer involved in pirate patrols in the Gulf of Aden being positive for coronavirus. Although these 247 cases are not linked to domestic infections in South Korea, as the destroyer left in February for its mission, this outbreak of infections occurs at a time when the country is facing the worst wave of covid-19 so far, according to APE.

The Army General Staff announced today that only 50 of the 301 members of the destroyer crew Cheonghae were found to be negative for the coronavirus, with the first infections being announced on 15 July. Authorities have begun transporting patients back to South Korea, and the ship will lead an alternate team back to the country. Meanwhile, 1,252 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in South Korea on Sunday, with the number of new infections remaining above 1,100 for almost two weeks. The new coronavirus wave is mainly due to the more contagious variant strain Delta.

So far, 179,203 cases of covid-19 have been identified in South Korea and 2,058 deaths from the disease have been reported. About 31.4% of the country’s 52 million people have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, while 12.7% have been fully vaccinated. Thanks mainly to the vaccination of the elderly and vulnerable groups, in this wave of the epidemic there is currently no significant increase in hospitalizations or deaths, with the mortality rate being 1.15% and the number of serious cases rising at 185.

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