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SP Fire Department receives award for rescuing a horse that was stranded in RS

The São Paulo Fire Department received an award for rescuing the horse Caramelo, who was left stranded on a roof amid the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul. The agents who participated in the rescue were honored by an NGO internationally recognized for animal protection .

The horse, which gained the nickname Caramelo due to its color, caused a stir on social media when it remained motionless for at least 24 hours on a roof. Among the professionals who carried out the rescue were nine firefighters from São Paulo, five veterinarians from Sorocaba and one from the Canoas region, as well as volunteers.

“We are very happy and honored. This award reflects all the work of the São Paulo Fire Department, not only in rescuing Caramelo, but so many other animals rescued in difficult situations, in Rio Grande do Sul and throughout the state of São Paulo”, stated the captain of the Tiago Franco Fire Department.

The award is from the non-governmental organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).

The São Paulo Firefighters received a certificate and a letter of thanks from Peta. “Caramelo would probably have died in that terrible flood if it weren’t for the heroic acts of these courageous firefighters,” said the director of Peta Latino, Alicia Aguayo, to the Public Security Secretariat.

The professionals who participated in the action were awarded the “Compassionate Fire Department Award” from the organization, which is known worldwide for animal rights.

Source: CNN Brasil

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