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SP has a September 7 parade in the rain and sales of flags by street vendors

SP has a September 7 parade in the rain and sales of flags by street vendors

The civic-military parade in the city of São Paulo this September 7 took place on Avenida Dom Pedro I, in Ipirianga, south of the city of São Paulo. In addition to the lack of visibility due to the umbrellas on this rainy Wednesday, the lack of stands was a reason for complaints from visitors.

“Lift up your umbrella so we can see the parade”. It was only after that cry, answered by the crowd in front of her, that the civil servant Cecília Bazaglia, 43, was able to see a little of the ceremony.

Along the way, it was also possible to see a good part of the public wearing shirts (also caps and scarves) with the colors green and yellow and the sale, by street vendors, of Brazilian flags. Each one costs R$30, but two have a discount, leaving R$50. Some ended up being used to protect themselves from bad weather in São Paulo.

In São Paulo, with the presence of authorities, military personnel and civil society entities, the City Hall estimates that around 10,000 civilians and soldiers would attend the celebration of the Bicentennial of Independence.

Due to the date and the reopening of the Ipiranga Museum, the ceremony was transferred to Avenida Dom Pedro I, in Ipiranga, in front of Parque da Independência, this year.

In the capital of São Paulo, it was difficult to see the troops of the Brazilian Armed Forces up close, with tanks and war artillery, the most applauded moments. The troops of the Military and Civil Police of São Paulo also paraded.

The lack of a structure with different levels of vision, such as a grandstand, was the main complaint of the History teacher, Isaías Ferreira, 43 years old. It was only with the support of those at the front that he managed to get a little space for his children Yuri and Sophia, 9 and 8 years old. “We needed a better dimensioning of the number of people and a better structure to receive them”, said the spectator.

He remembers that, in previous years, the parade was held on Avenida Tiradentes, in the central region, and also in the Sambódromo, in the north zone, places that, as he said, offered better visibility. In the absence of bleachers, improvisation and creativity remained.

Student Antonio, who prefers to mention only his first name, climbed onto the roof of the bus stop on the avenue, at Mariana Procópio Street. He was accompanied by at least four people. “I got an exclusive place. Thankfully, youth still allows me to climb,” said the 22-year-old.

The solution found by logistics operator Felipe Doloso, 33, was simpler. He accommodated his daughters at the base of the wall of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days. “I came just for them (referring to the children), but they still haven’t been able to see much,” he smiled.

The event was attended by the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), as well as commanders from the Navy, Army and Air Force in São Paulo. Government and municipal secretaries also participated.

See images from other parades around the country:

Source: CNN Brasil



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