SP trains teams to diagnose monkey pox, says secretary

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The government of São Paulo announced this week the launch of initiatives to combat monkeypox, which include a control center and an integrated network for laboratory diagnosis and care for patients with the disease.

In an interview with CNN this Friday (5), the secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of São Paulo, David Uip, said that health professionals were trained to diagnose the disease whose main characteristics are skin lesions in the form of pimples. and bubbles.

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“We have a great relationship with the municipalities. There is a whole deal of training professionals at the front end, from basic health units, from family units. With this municipal cooperation, our epidemiological surveillance, both state and municipal, plan and train, four training sessions took place, right at the entrance door of this patient”, said Uip.

According to the Ministry of Health, Brazil reports 1,860 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the states of São Paulo (1,404), Rio de Janeiro (200), Minas Gerais (75), Federal District (37), Paraná (36) , Goiás (38), Bahia (12), Ceará (4), Rio Grande do Norte (4), Espírito Santo (5), Pernambuco (7), Tocantins (1), Acre (1), Amazonas (3), Pará (1), Paraíba (1), Piauí (1), Rio Grande do Sul (18), Mato Grosso do Sul (5), and Santa Catarina (7).

Diagnosis and assistance

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In order to stop the spread of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that surveillance teams carry out the tracing of contacts who may have been exposed to the virus from laboratory-confirmed cases.

“We not only prepare general hospitals, but also maternity hospitals that are competent to handle high complexity. Including protocolling how prenatal, perinatal and puerperium are. A series of measures for people to realize that this disease is multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary”, explains the secretary.

According to Uip, patient care includes teams with the participation of dermatologists, pulmonologists, infectologists, nurses and dentists.

“It is likely that whoever makes the first diagnosis of Monkeypox is the dentist through an alteration of the oral cavity. These protocols are a concern in all areas of health care,” he said.

Symptoms of Monkeypox

One of the main characteristics of monkeypox is the manifestation on the skin, in the form of blisters or lesions that can appear on different parts of the body, such as the face, hands, feet, eyes, mouth or genitals.

The signs and symptoms of the disease can last between two and four weeks and, in most cases, the disease does not require hospitalization. However, in the face of any signs or symptoms such as high and sudden fever, headache and the appearance of enlarged lymph nodes, it is necessary to seek specialized medical care or basic health units (UBSs).

The diagnosis is essential for patients to receive clinical care for the relief of symptoms, in addition to guidance on fluid intake, food and indications on isolation.

Isolation reduces the risk of disease transmission. Patients should avoid sharing personal items such as towels and bedding. Basic care and hygiene can help prevent injuries from getting worse, which can increase the risk of secondary infections.

(With information from Giulia Alecrim, from CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil

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