Bearded woman grew a beard since she was 13 – She shaved twice a day and waxed weekly

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A woman from Las Vegas, USA was facing problem with hair growth in her face, to the extent that she had to he shaves twice a day, as he has now accepted her appearance and left beard.

As stated by 30-year-old Dakota Cooke she started showing facial hair from a very young age, though the condition worsened after he turned 13 years old and especially when he entered puberty.

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“My face started to look like a peach and it was pointed out by a family friend. So my stepdad took me to the doctors to get checked out and then he took me to the hair salon where I got my first wax. It was extremely uncomfortable at the time tooI was ready to learn how to shave my legs,” she said.

Despite the tests, it is not clear what caused the severe hair growth, but the medical staff who examined her said that it may have to do with her adrenal glands producing increased levels of testosterone.

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Dakota Cooke

“I grew up in a time where women with facial hair were so stigmatized. The women at the salon told me that girls shouldn’t do facial hair,” she added. So, they were forced to epilate at least once a weekwhile he got to the point of he also shaves twice a day.

The decision that changed her life

Dakota Cooke reported feeling uncomfortable for a decade, until 2015 when she had a conversation with a friend who asked her to accept herself and not try to change it.

Since then, she has left her facial hair free and as she said, she is enjoying her new look.

My family and friends have been very supportive throughout my journey of self-acceptance and they even bought me a sign that says, “Don’t mess with the bearded lady.” I like it,” notes the 30-year-old.

In fact, he also maintains an account on TikTok, where he states that receives thousands of messages of supportwhile trying to give advice to people facing similar problems.

Source: News Beast

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