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SpaceX: The ship with the first “space tourists” docked off Florida

SpaceX: The ship with the first “space tourists” docked off Florida

Her boat SpaceX with the first four “space tourists” docked in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, after three days in space, which meant that the first orbital mission in history without the participation of any professional astronaut or cosmonaut was crowned with success.

The landing took place at the scheduled time, at 19:00 (east coast time of the USA; at 02:00 Greek time), according to the plans that were broadcast live by the company of the electric car tycoon Elon Musk (Tesla).

Four large parachutes slowed down the capsule’s descent to 24.14 kilometers per hour. It was expected to be recovered very quickly by SpaceX ships and the exit of the four was expected to be completed in about an hour. Shots from inside the capsule showed them calm, still tied to their seats.

The capsule called Resilience entered the atmosphere with temperatures due to friction to reach outside 1.927 ° Celsius. According to the company, passengers wore uniforms capable of keeping them cool if the passenger compartment was overheated.

The mission, christened Inspiration4, departed Wednesday from the Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral, with a reusable SpaceX Falcon 9 two-stage rocket. Within three hours, the capsule had reached an orbital altitude of 585 kilometers, farther from the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope, farther from any other space mission to the Moon, NASA’s Apollo program. , in 1972.

The mission was the first of Mr Musk’s space tourism venture. It is characterized by a leap forward against its competitors on the field. Aimed at people able to pay a small fortune for the experience and to obtain amateur astronaut credentials.