Spain: Crazy party with 25,000 students – “We were caught asleep” admits police

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Nearly 25,000 young people participated in an outdoor party, to celebrate the return of students to its universities Madrid, without following the rules for Covid-19, police said today, admitting that “he was caught asleep”.

According to Spanish media, this is the largest gathering of its kind since the beginning of the pandemic, when outdoor gatherings were banned.

“There were thousands of people at Complutense University, around 25,000” on Friday night to Saturday, the municipal police explained, explaining that the “party” was probably organized through Whatsapp.

In photos and videos posted on social networking sites, thousands of young people are drinking and dancing and almost no one is wearing a mask.

“Without informing the university in advance, without having time to plan a business, it is almost impossible to disperse a crowd of 25,000 people,” added the police who arrived in Complutense but after midnight. Police remained on the scene until dawn but limited themselves to monitoring, with the help of drones, and maintaining order in order to avoid serious accidents, especially on the university’s access roads and means of transport.

On weekends, the Madrid police usually deploy around 200 police officers to disperse the open-air parties, the so-called “boots”.

A similar celebration was held in Barcelona, ​​where 8,000 young people attended the party at the city’s autonomous university.

Although Spain has lifted most of the restrictions, citizens must wear a mask outdoors, as it is impossible to keep a distance of 1.50 meters from other people. And large gatherings remain banned. However, there are many who have stopped taking precautions, since thanks to the rapid rate of vaccinations, more than three quarters of the 47 million inhabitants are now fully vaccinated.

Yesterday Friday at Spain 3,222 new cases and 44 deaths were recorded, bringing the number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic to 4,929,546 and the death toll to 85,783.

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