Spain: Fire in Galicia due to arson, still burning out of control

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THE fire which has been burning since yesterday in the area of ​​Galithia in the northwest Spain caused by arson, local authorities said.

The fire, as broadcast by APE, which has burned 10,000 acres, started yesterday and quickly the huge flames and dense smoke blocked highways and railways. Telecommunications in the area have also been cut off.

“Investigations have identified several sites that ignited at the same time; whoever did it knew very well that it would cause major damage,” said the local environmental official. “It’s inexplicable… It’s hard to get into the head of someone who would like to do something like that.”

Authorities have sounded the alarm to villagers in the area on the road to the fire, but say no homes are in danger at the moment.

The Military Emergency Corps is sending reinforcements to support the local fire brigade, which has deployed 49 fire brigades, eight aircraft and 14 helicopters. However, the fire has not been brought under control.

High temperatures and drought made it difficult to put out the fire last night.

So far this year, forest fires have burned 742,600 acres in Spain, more than the average of the last decade, but less than the 1,900,000 acres burned in 2012, the worst year in ten years.

Large forest fires have occurred in many parts of the world this year, due to extremely high temperatures and drought, which are symptoms of climate change, according to experts.

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