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Spain: Government promotes app to encourage men to do more housework

THE Spanish government, wanting to encourage men to do more housework, develops a free application which will record how much time each member spends household in household chores. It is an initiative of the country’s Ministry of Equality to improve gender equality.

The Undersecretary for Equality, Angela Rodriguez, announced the plans at a recent meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Geneva.

“What research tells us is that women spend much more time on housework than men”said Rodriguez, who added that the app will allow each member of a household to enter the time they spend on housework.

As reported by the Spanish media, citing a survey by Spain’s National Statistics Institute published in December 2022, 45.9% of women surveyed said they do most of the housework, compared to 14.9% of men.

Rodriguez emphasized that all kinds of work should be considered household chores, such as shopping at the supermarket.

“All these jobs, the psychological load, are almost always shouldered by women, according to research”he stated.

The app, which will be available by summer, will be aimed at couples, parents with children and roommates.

The app is part of a wider “co-responsibility” plan by the government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who came to power in 2018 promising to focus on gender issues.

“This new government is absolutely committed to gender equality. You’ve heard me say it many times: Spain changed on March 8,” he said in 2018, before naming his majority-female cabinet.

Source: News Beast

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