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SPD Spokesperson to Silianovska: Prespa Agreement still valid, as is the change in the Constitution

The head of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) for Western Balkans issues, Josip Juratovic, is critical of the president of North Macedonia, Gordana Silianovska-Dafkova, who, in an exclusive interview with APE-MPE, believes that the resurgence of the name issue will damage the accession perspective of the country to the European Union. Mr. Yuratovic emphasizes, however, that the Prespa Agreement is still valid, as is the change that has been made to the constitution of North Macedonia. “It is certainly the political freedom of the president, although I personally do not consider it good, as the constitutional change has taken place and there was an agreement with Greece about the name. I think that Greece will continue to support North Macedonia's EU accession process, but I think that this action (no. of the president of North Macedonia) will be rather harmful and certainly does not help North Macedonia on the road to the EU”, declares the executive of the Social Democrats in APE, stressing at the same time that the president of the country […]
Source: News Beast

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