Spotify: Blend arrives, to calculate musical affinity with friends

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Is called Spotify Blend the new feature released by Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service that offers a catalog with millions of songs and podcasts on demand, which allows us to assess the degree of musical affinity with our loved ones automatically creating playlists with the songs we listen to the most.

“Dozens of people across the company have worked hard for the birth of Blend. I am lucky to be part of a team that has the same passion for social listening and he thinks that music is something that brings people together, “he commented Arjun Narayen, Product Manager by Spotify.

Initially launched in version beta, the novelty is now available for all users – also in Italy – and brings with it some news: in fact, in addition to the compatibility score – expressed as a percentage – that Spotify assigns to each couple who decide to create a Blend playlist to evaluate how close the listening preferences are, the new cover art – customized covers – which allow users to more easily identify the selections created. Of course, it is also possible share the result obtained on social networks and all members with an active Premium subscription can know what are the factors that determine the presence of a song in the playlist, so as to boast of their musical tastes!

“I think the thing that makes Blend such a unique product is the way it goes it helps people discover the affinities between them»Explains Narayen and concludes« Blend is one of the first products we have developed that involves multi-user personalization, which presents unique challenges, but also helps us create unique and special experiences. Whenever I create a Blend playlist with someone, the best moment is when we find out which artists and songs we both like and this reminds us of the moment we discovered that artist or when we went to a concert of his together ».

How to create a Blend playlist

To generate a playlist of this type it takes just a few steps, but before starting make sure you have installed the most recent version of Spotify so as to have all the latest features introduced: you can check the availability of any recent updates directly from the App Store or Play Store, depending on the operating system you are using. Then launch the app and select the item Create a Blend playlist from section Made for you which appears by tapping the search icon – the magnifying glass – available at the bottom. Proceed inviting a friend with which you want to evaluate the degree of musical affinity and, once it accepts your request, Spotify will automatically generate a playlist with your favorite songs: only at the end, by choosing Share this story, you can decide to share the result on your social profiles!

All that remains is to test this novelty with friends, relatives and why not, maybe even with your partner! In the meantime, however, during the past few weeks Spotify has launched Greenroom: browse the gallery to learn about this new alternative service to Clubhouse.

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