Stablecoin Trueusd Launches On Tron Blockchain

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Yesterday, the official stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) Twitter account posted information about the imminent joining of the cryptoasset to the Tron ecosystem.

Justin Sun also wrote that in two days TUSD will be introduced on the Tron blockchain based on the TRC20 standard. He added that the stablecoin will become the most transparent in the world and fully backed by US dollars.

TrueUSD (TUSD) will be the second dollar-based stablecoin to operate on the TRC20. In March 2019, the most liquid and popular stablecoin USDT migrated to the Tron network, which is also listed on ETH, EOS, Omni, etc.

Since then, $ 20,994,331,935.06 USDT has been circulating on the Tron blockchain, almost the same as USDT based on ETH.

According to the Tether transparency page, Ethereum has $ 22,416,147,047.96 in USDT, with EOS in third place with 70,251,000.50 coins.

On March 30, Tether released a report from the Moore Cayman auditing network to the crypto community, claiming that the most popular stablecoin backed by USD is a fully collateralized digital asset.

It is this point that has raised strong doubts for several years, and according to recent Whale Alert tweets about new emissions of millions of these cryptoassets, the reason for concern has not disappeared.

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