Stain for La Palma volcano: Evolved very quickly – Isolated phenomenon

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Isolated phenomenon, which shows that the earth is a living planet characterizes its explosion volcano Kumbre Vieza on the Spanish island of La Palma, Professor of Geology and Natural Disaster Management and President of OASP, Efthymis Lekkas.

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“There is no greater activity at ground level, there are these individual incidents, which are in any case impressive. The impressive in the area La Palma is that evolved in a much shorter time than expected. Usually the evolution of a volcanic eruption takes a few months, here it took a few days, it has to do with local conditions. It has to do with the rapid accumulation of magma that was promoted to the surface and through the craters and kilometers of cracks came to the surface. Accompanied by rich seismic activity, thousands of vibrations created by the rise of magma, from a depth of about 10-20km. to the surface, which give earthquakes 1-3 Richter “explained the professor speaking on the radio” First Program “.

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“To see her lava erupts with so much force on the surface, at such a height it is the most beautiful one can see and it manifests itself in the processes that take place inside and outside the earth. “The most unique thing one can see on earth”, said Mr. Lekkas. Then all this lava stays warm for a long time, up to a few weeks, even months and its temperature reaches 1500-2000 degrees Celsius.

«When the lava reaches the sea“Together with the water, chemical reactions are created and we release gases, to a degree dangerous but it is also impressive that we are dealing with geysers, because the lava actually goes into the sea water, which evaporates immediately and creates impressive phenomena,” he said.

Lekkas: When we had the volcanic eruption in Santorini things were marginal, we reached the orange

In our country, the active volcanic arc is monitored by the competent volcanic risk assessment committee of OASP, which consists of 25 scientists and meets every 2 months. “We are watching it, we are in the green at the moment. When we had the volcanic eruption in Santorini “Things were limited, we reached the orange”, said the president of the Organization, concluding.

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