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Staking platform tokens are gaining in value

Staking platform tokens are gaining in value

Staking platform tokens have risen in price after ads Ethereum developers that the long-awaited Shapella update is scheduled on the main network on the night of April 12-13. The rates of management tokens of DeFi protocols that provide the liquid staking service (“liquid staking”) increased by more than 10% in day, writes RBC Crypto.

According to CoinGecko, the Lido DAO (LDO) cryptocurrency has increased in value by 16.8% over the past 24 hours, the Rocket Pool (RPL) token has increased by 11.1%, and the Frax Share (FXS) token has increased by 19.8%.

According to the Ethereum team, the Shapella update will begin on April 12 at 22:27 UTC, i.e. around 1:27 Moscow time on April 13.

After its successful implementation, investors who have placed ETH coins in staking will be able to withdraw both the initially deposited collateral and what they have accumulated in the form of income for processing transactions in the blockchain of the leading altcoin. These assets are currently locked on the network.

The Shapella update combines the names of the upcoming Shanghai and Capella hard forks. Shanghai is the fork name for the execution layer where transactions are negotiated (execution layer, formerly ETH 1.0), and Capella is the update name for the consensus layer where network data is validated (consensus layer, formerly ETH 2.0).

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