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State Department Message to North Macedonia: We will continue to reinforce the importance of upholding international agreements

The message that the US remains firmly committed to the Prespa Agreement and the integration of North Macedonia into the Euro-Atlantic institutions was sent by a representative of the State Department in the wake of the elections held in the neighboring country. The position of the representative of the American ministry was made in response to a question of the Greek correspondents in Washington about the fact that the new president violated the Prespa Agreement, calling the country “Macedonia” and not “North Macedonia, as is its constitutional name, according to during her swearing-in ceremony. For his part, the State Department spokesman said that “as a new government is formed and a new prime minister is chosen, we will continue to reinforce the importance of respecting international agreements and the benefits of full membership in the European Union.” Silianovska is unmoved: “In public appearances she has the right to use the name Macedonia” “In her public appearances, the Macedonian president has the right to use the name Macedonia, as an act of individual right to self-determination and self-determination, […]
Source: News Beast

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