States may require data on hazing in emergency services, STF decides

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The Supreme Court defined, on Thursday (4), that states may require data from those who pass hazing in emergency services. Unanimously, the ministers analyzed a lawsuit filed against a law in Paraná, which requires telecommunication service providers to provide data on telephone line owners who have been hazing in emergency services, such as the police and firefighters.

Initially, the rapporteur of the case, Minister Gilmar Mendes, voted partially in favor of the action. After the other ministers took a stand, the rapporteur adjusted his vote and took a stand against the action and for the validity of the law. According to the minister, the competence is common between the Union, states and municipalities and there is no violation of private life by the norm.

For the rapporteur, the law must be applied respecting the rights provided for in the Constitution, in order to avoid possible illegal breaches of confidentiality.

At the end of the trial, the other ministers followed Gilmar’s vote, unanimously closing the analysis of the case.

The National Association of Cell Phone Operators challenged, in the STF, a law in the state of Paraná that imposes on telecommunications service providers the obligation to inform the data of the owners of telephone lines that unduly trigger emergency assistance services, called prank calls. .

According to the association, the law would be unconstitutional for usurping the legislative competence reserved to the Union on telecommunications. Acel stated that the bodies that are victims of hazing could not determine the “breaking of confidentiality” of the owners of the lines without judicial authorization, as this could harm the privacy of citizens.


Reference: CNN Brasil

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