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Statue of the Virgin Mary in tears and they speak of a “divine sign” – “Her eyes turned red”

The inhabitants of a city talk about a miracle, because they claim that she teared up statue of her Panagia and in fact relevant images are making the rounds on the internet, with many believing that it is “a sign from God”.

The incident took place in a church in the city El Chanal of Mexico and concerns a statue depicting her Panagia Dolores, as water began to run from his eyes, hinting at tears. “As when we humans cry and our eyes turn red, so it was with the Virgin Mary“, said the resident of the city Victor Ramos.

Commenting on the reason for the tear of the statue, he said that it is related to the high crime rates in the city, because since October alone, 702 homicides have been recorded. “We can relate this to the rates of violence seen in the area“, he said about it.

However, the scientists disagree and they report that it is not a miracle, but a fraud or a natural phenomenon that is misinterpreted by the faithful. According to New York Postthe Italian professor of chemistry Luigi Garlaschelli attributes the fact to the statue’s ability to absorb moisture.

“One statue made of plaster or ceramic materialmust covered externally with a waterproof layer“, he said, noting that “by filling the statue with water from an inconspicuous hole at the top, the porous material will absorb it, but the outer layer will prevent it from escaping.”

“However, if the protective glaze is scratched near the eyes, the absorbed water will leak outgiving the illusion that the statue is crying,” he then added.

Source: News Beast

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