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Stellar Walls 1.0

Stellar Walls 1.0

Stellar Walls provides you with a variety of strikingly unique and beautiful wallpapers, neatly organized and categorized so that you don’t have to experience a mess.

In the initial release, the app contains over 190 wallpapers, all kept in a clean, minimal and easy to use app with a delightful user interface.

Features of the StellarWalls program:

  • 190+ high quality wallpapers at the time of release.
  • Each wallpaper has a minimum resolution of 1440x3200px, which is sufficient for most modern smartphones.
  • All wallpapers are neatly organized into 20+ categories.
  • Clean, minimal and easy to use user interface.
  • The search function makes it easy to find wallpapers.
  • You can add wallpapers to the Favorites section of the app for faster and easier access to your favorite wallpapers.
  • You get notifications every time new wallpapers are added to StellarWalls, so you don’t miss a single wallpaper.

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