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Sterilizations surge after US abortion restrictions

The number of sterilizations as a method of contraception has risen sharply in the US since the constitutional guarantee of the right to abortion was revoked two years ago, a study released on Friday showed. After the US Supreme Court, whose composition was drastically changed by former President Donald Trump, struck down the constitutional guarantee of the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy in 2022, about 20 states either outright banned or imposed draconian restrictions on access to procedures of this nature . After all, the issue of abortion has turned, as reported by APE – MPE, into a central theme of the election campaign in the country, ahead of the November 5 showdown between the Republican former president Donald Trump and the outgoing Democratic president Joe Biden. The study, published yesterday on the JAMA Health Forum website, indicates that the rate of sterilizations was already rising in the years before the historic federal Supreme Court decision, with 2.8 procedures per 100,000 women per month and 1 per 100,000 men. […]
Source: News Beast

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