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STF ministers approve an increase in their own salaries, which can exceed R$ 46 thousand

Unanimously, the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) approved the Court’s budget of R$ 850 million for 2023 and the proposal for an 18% readjustment in the salary of all justice servers and magistrates. In practice, the readjustment will also apply to the salaries of the members of the Supreme Court. The value today is R$ 39,293.32, which may exceed R$ 46 thousand.

For 2023, with the first two installments planned, the impact on the STF will be R$ 981.2 thousand, already considering social security funds for the ministers. Regarding STF servers, for 2023, the expected impact is R$ 26.3 million, also considering social security funds.

The adjustment will be forwarded to Congress, which must vote on the proposal, having the final word on the Judiciary’s budget.

According to the Supreme, the amounts will be established in four installments, the first in April 2023, the second in August of the same year, the third in January 2024 and the last in July 2024. According to the STF, the last increase in salaries for magistrates took place in 2018 and for civil servants in 2016.

Source: CNN Brasil

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