Stock market: Losses over 1% with pressure from banks and Coca Cola

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Losses in the stock market, which is falling below 860 points, are widening, moving in relation to the wider deterioration of the investment mood worldwide.

In particular, the General Index after the uptrend in which it tested up to 873.34 points, now moves to 855.55 points with losses of 1.4%. but low turnover for another meeting at 35.1 million, of which 12 in OPAP.

The FTSE 25 is moving at -1.27% and 2,067 points, while the banking one is down 1.84%, moving to 612 points.

Stock market: Losses over 1% with pressure from banks and Coca Cola

In general, investors continue to make selective moves today, mainly in high capitalization, in anticipation of a development in Ukraine that will stimulate international sentiment.

However, as the negotiations for a ceasefire do not seem to be approaching a positive outcome, the deterioration of the international climate also dragged the Greek market with sales mainly to banks and Coca Cola.

In any case, the very low turnover for another meeting in the Greek market rather indicates a wait-and-see attitude of investors, with sales having the character of securing short-term positions and selective placements.

In the same climate, the European indices today deleted the small gains of the opening and are now moving correctively, with the German DAX at -1.18%, the French CAC 40 at -0.85% and the pan-European Stoxx 50 at -1.31 %.

Similarly, the futures of the American market show a negative opening, but it comes from a new mini rally + 1.95% yesterday on the technologically weighted Nasdaq, with the other two key indicators following.

The day’s climate is further aggravated by the upward movement of oil prices again, with Brent once again finding a breath of $ 120 a barrel, intensifying the already intense inflationary pressures.

At the ATHEX, the banking sector continues to remain in the forefront, with a new report by Wood Investment yesterday pointing out the significant growth margins for the shares of Greek banks, from 25% to 41%.

At a technical level, the picture has not changed in recent meetings with the short-term goal in the range of 880-890 points.

On the board

OPAP stars after the rise of 26.4% in its net profits announced yesterday and the double dividend, moving to + 3.5% and gathers almost 1/3 of the turnover of the meeting (at 12.5 million euros), while on positive ground on the 25th, only EYDAP now moves with him.

Banking shares all went early, with Alpha at -1.87%, NBG at -1.76%, Eurobank at -2.04% while Piraeus is down 1.07%.

Significant sales in Coca Cola which is at -2.96% having lost again 20 euros, while TERNA Energy is moving at -4.21%, ELVALHALCOR at -3.54%, Viohalco at -2.96% and Titan at -2.65%.

In the medium capitalization, Olympic Technique is saved with + 3.82%, while Autohellas falls by 1.48%, Cenergy by 1.45%, Plastics Thrace by 2.14% and Reds by 2.5%.

M. Chachladakis

Source: Capital

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