Stock market: Reset and assimilation to 920 points

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Today, the Athens Stock Exchange returns to the zone of 920 points, which attempts for the second time in the week to assimilate the levels, while the focus is of course the PPC share, due to MSCI, but also the performance of the banking sector, which is in a corrective course.

In particular, the General Index records gains of 0.51% at 922.52 points, while the turnover is at 5.2 million euros and the volume at 1.1 million units. The FTSE 25 also recorded an increase of 0.52%, to 2,224.03 points, while the banking index recorded gains of 0.01% to 594.52 points.

Stock market: Reset and assimilation to 920 points

The expectations that did not … come

MSCI did not reserve any changes during the planned semi-annual review of the indices, except for the upgrade of PPC to the Standard and Mid Cap indices, due to the capital increase of 1.35 billion euros. In fact, in contrast to the half-yearly revisions, the effective date of the PPC change is November 17, ie a week from now, fully confirming the estimates of Demosthenes Triggas in his recent analysis in Capital and

MSCI also announced the deletion of the PPA share from the Small Cap index. Now the Greek shares that are in the basic indices of MSCI are six: OTE (with a weight of 29.5%), OPAP (with a weight of 20.82%), Alpha Bank (with a weight of 20.27%), Eurobank Holdings (with a weight 17.22%), Jumbo (with a weight of 12.17%) and from 17/11 PPC.

However, in addition to the above, which is expected to “shuffle” the funds operating in Greek assets, the market also monitors the results of large listed companies for the third quarter of the year. The previous quarter was one of the best since the beginning of 2020, said the management of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, while OTE also recorded a strong third quarter.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Jumbo and Hellenic Petroleum record gains of 3.23% and 3.13% respectively, with PPC strengthening by 1.96% and Mytilineos by 1.60%. Motor Oil, Lambda, Viohalko, OTE, Terna Energy, Alpha bank, Eurobank, Coca Cola, GEK Terna and Piraeus are moving slightly upwards.

On the other hand, Ethniki is down 1.37%, with OPAP, Ellactor, PPA, HELEX, EYDAP, ELHA and Titan in negative territory. Sarantis, Aegean and IPTO are unchanged.


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