Stoltenberg: Moscow must choose between a diplomatic solution and sanctions

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Russia must choose between a diplomatic solution to the crisis with Ukraine, on the one hand, and, on the other, the imposition of economic sanctions by the West and the development of an increased military presence of NATO forces in Eastern countries. of the alliance, said today the Secretary General of NATO.

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“Russia has a choice: they can either choose a diplomatic solution – and we are ready to sit at the table – but if they choose to confront, they will pay a higher price,” said Jens Stoltenberg.

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“There will be economic sanctions. There will be an increased NATO military presence in the eastern part of the alliance, and the United Kingdom is really an important part of that,” Stoltenberg told a joint news conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Brussels.

The alliance’s secretary general also stressed that the number of Russian troops stationed on the border with Ukraine is increasing and the time for warning of a possible attack is decreasing.

“This is a dangerous moment for European security,” Stoltenberg told a news conference with Johnson. “The number of Russian forces is increasing. The time for warning of a possible attack is decreasing,” he added.

“We will defend and protect all our allies. A new attack by Russia (against Ukraine) will lead to a strengthening of NATO’s presence, not a reduction,” Stoltenberg was quoted as saying.

“NATO is not a threat to Russia, but we must be prepared for the worst, while our strong commitment remains to find a political solution,” he said.

For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the same press conference in Brussels that the Ukrainian crisis is at its most dangerous moment while the information about the movements of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine remains ominous.

“I honestly do not think a decision has been made so far (from Moscow). But that does not mean it is impossible for something completely catastrophic to happen very soon. And I’m afraid our information remains gloomy,” Johnson said.

“This is probably the most dangerous moment, I would say, in the next few days, in the biggest security crisis that Europe has faced in decades and we need to rectify the situation. And I believe that the combination of sanctions and military determination plus diplomacy is this. that is needed “, the prime minister added.


Source: Capital

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