Strange death of Russian ‘diplomat’-agent in Berlin – He fell from the highest floor of the embassy

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German security services believe a man who was found dead on a street outside the Russian embassy in Berlin last month was an undercover agent of the Russian intelligence service FSB (the successor to the Soviet KGB), Der Spiegel reported on Friday.

The body of the 35-year-old man was found early in the morning of October 19 by German police who were guarding the Russian embassy building, the magazine reports. The man allegedly fell to the ground from the highest floor of the building.

Police called an ambulance, but medical staff were unable to save his life.

The embassy confirmed in a statement to Interfax that a Russian diplomat had been killed, but did not comment on the incident.

Berlin police declined to comment on the matter and referred it to prosecutors, who declined to confirm or deny the news, according to Reuters.

The discovery of a corpse outside the Russian embassy in Germany had not been leaked to the media in the previous days.

It is not clear how the diplomat fell and under what circumstances he was killed. The Russian embassy did not accept the autopsy.

The official title of the deceased was second secretary of the embassy, ​​while he is also said to be a relative of a senior official of the second office of the FSB, which deals with the fight against terrorism.

The German government, through its spokesman, confirmed the existence of a dead body from the Russian diplomatic mission in the country, but declined to comment further.


Source From: Capital

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