Gariboldi: Key to Pfizer digital solutions for better disease management

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Key solutions and strategic perspective for Pfizer are digital solutions for better treatment and management of diseases, according to the Head (Site Lead) of the Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki, Senior Director ( Senior Director) of Pfizer, Nico Gariboldi. Speaking at the Thessaloniki Summit 2021, organized by the Hellenic Industries Association (SVE) and the Delphi Economic Forum, he stressed that digital technology is expected to accelerate and support the company’s goals.

“For example, we work in the field of vaccines and medicines, but it is important to offer patients and doctors digital solutions for better disease management, such as an application with which a patient can connect with his doctor but and his family. ” At the same time, Mr. Gariboldi, pointed out that the company is working to bring drugs to patients faster and explained that this issue concerns clinical trials and the development of a drug or a vaccine. He commented that the digitization of procedures could improve every step of the way, from data collection to data management and remote clinical trials. He added, moreover, that the goals of the company include the support of the financing of the creation of medicines.

For the reasons of creating the Digital Innovation Center of Pfizer in Thessaloniki, he pointed out that the relevant decision was made as the company was looking for talent in the region, given that there is a very high educational and academic level especially in the fields of digital and technological capabilities. There were also, he said, tax incentives, as the environment is favorable with the presence of start-ups, entrepreneurship hatcheries and innovation companies. Finally, he stressed that the support from the authorities was also important, given that on the one hand there is a very good digital strategy at the level of governance, and on the other hand the agreement between the USA and Greece in science and technology.

Referring to the staff of the Center, he said that Pfizer has 335 associates here, he commented that the staffing process took place within 15 to 16 months, during the pandemic and stressed the high level of associates, as he stated that 70% of them has a master’s degree, while most have extensive experience in terms of skills that interest the company. A large percentage of them, after all, are Greeks who returned from abroad.

Regarding the process of creating the coronavirus vaccine in relation to other studies, he clarified that the situation was quite different, in terms of sizes and narrow margins. However, he said, the process involved a much larger number of people compared to other studies, while research worldwide focused on the vaccine sector because of the serious common need to protect the population. This greatly accelerated the processes and proved in practice the need for cooperation between people from different fields, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, health professionals and local authorities.



Source From: Capital

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