Strofi A. Tsipras and SYRIZA: Tough measures for pandemic and vaccines

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By Niki Zorba

In Koumoundourou, an alarm has been sounded for the Pandemic, apparently, without the phrase being subject to a journalistic cliché. It is not explained otherwise that gradually, even without even “coming out” in front of the formulation of specific unpopular proposals, Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA, appear as hasty in suggestions of experts for tightening controls, measures, and even extending the obligation of vaccination instead of “in the past” vague “messages that they even sent out about the vaccination, merely criticizing with a focus on the -not- strengthening of the NSS by the Government.


The “signal” about the need to tighten controls to comply with pandemic control measures was given by the official opposition earlier this week, when Mr. Tsipras convened an extraordinary meeting of the political center of SYRIZA (the “coffee” group) ) in Koumoundourou, in the presence of the head of the health department, Andreas Xanthou.

Where Mr. Xanthos’s proposal to reinstate SYRIZA’s request for a meeting of the Council of Political Leaders under the President of the Republic was discussed and rejected, but not as an indication that the official opposition does not intend to “turn its back” in dealing with the Pandemic.

On the contrary, Koumoundourou lives. The proposal for the appointment of a small committee of experts together with the Government in order to take over the management of the pandemic, in its most critical phase, has this goal, according to the same sources. Make it easy for the government, which is accused of weighing the pandemic and its accomplices (loss of human lives) with decisions that have political costs, to accept them – provided that these costs will be shared with the main opposition party. .

This obviously has “pitfalls” for the Government and politically, it is not innocent at all. In other words, it must accept, based on SYRIZA’s strategy, that it has failed to manage the pandemic, in order to go “below” the hypothesis of consensus through the agreement that we will all follow the suggestions of scientists.

In the aftermath of the rejection of Tsipras’ proposal by the government, he does not seem to be content with the rhetoric that from now on what will happen will be solely the fault of the prime minister and his government, as he did in similar phases.

Instead, the messages it sends are intensifying about the need to make difficult decisions about the pandemic. This is probably due to the fact that the developments on this front are not “linear” and its interlocutors from the competent scientific branch emit sos.


The predominant criticism of SYRIZA towards the government is on the one hand and consistently, but the NSS on the other hand that it is “timid” to displease unvaccinated and anti-vaccinated, attributing to it party expediency. Hence, the main opposition party puts on the “table” the extension of the obligation in sectors such as the Security Forces, arguing that their employees are in direct contact with the citizen, while leaving open the possibility to support further expansion. of obligation in any other field needed – based on the advice of experts.

The positions of the president of SYRIZA on this basis are indicative, in a recent TV interview:

1. I am not the one who will describe the necessity of the measures. That is why, seeing that he (the prime minister) is reluctant to make decisions at a political cost and that he wants to caress the ears of vaccinators and deniers, I asked for the small committee of scientists.

2. Excludes (mandatory) professional categories that also come into contact with citizens. The police have a huge percentage of unvaccinated, do not they come in contact with the citizen every day? SYRIZA will not indicate who will be vaccinated and who will not.

Lock down

Lock down is a catastrophic possibility, Koumoundourou sources say, but there is an assessment that “as they let the situation in the pandemic develop, it is uncertain how we will escape it”. In the context of SYRIZA’s goal of reconnecting with small and medium-sized enterprises, “complaints” were made about the contradiction in the measures imposed for a mandatory rapid test on retail consumers, while leaving the churchgoers “undisturbed”, concluding that the contradictory measures will not work in the end, with the result that the pandemic will escape even more and the economy will not be able to come out unscathed because its sectors are likely to roll down, such as catering and retail.

Measures for vaccinated people as well

In the meantime, SYRIZA rejects the rumors about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, regardless of the urgent message they now send about the need for universal vaccination of the population and with the third – commemorative dose. There is already concern that despite the difficulty of being “metabolized” by public opinion that “vaccinated means we are not invulnerable”, the debate needs to be opened on both measures and the vaccinated population, as “unpopular” and indigestible as it is. a relevant discussion.

And this is what Koumoundourou’s leadership blames on the Government, accusing it of not placing the issue of vaccination on its proper footing and sending a signal of complacency to the vaccinated.

This is supported by a typical statement by Olga Gerovasilis, who stated unequivocally: “Strict measures are needed. We are here to turn our backs as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic. Is the vaccinated truth transmitting the disease? The answer is yes. So why? “Does he enjoy everything freely? Does he not have to take a test to get indoors? I ask questions about the issues that the government has not answered and he firmly refuses to do so, despite all the proposals of both the opposition and the scientific community.”

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