Sultano, Cuttaia and the new chefs: here is the Sicily of great cuisine

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For Sicily, food (and wine too) is a positive moment. Waiting for the foreigners to return – as before – to the island and small islands, restaurants and trattorias have reopened with the desire to do even better. After all, it would be a pity that, being able to count on the generosity of the territory, one of the most complete in the Mediterranean, and on an incredible culinary history, a high level of performance was not always sought. And in recent years, in fact, a movement has been created that can be defined “New Sicilian Cuisine” that appeals to gourmets, not only Italians, and has struck critics.

It is no coincidence that the recent Espresso Guide has assigned to the “masters” Ciccio Sultano e Pino Cuttaia the Five Hats, which is the maximum score. Well deserved, considering what they expressed respectively at the Cathedral of Ragusa and La Madia di Licata, both awarded with the Two Michelin Stars and the Three Forks of Gambero Rosso.

They are completely different cooks and men. Sultan – attentive entrepreneur with multiple clubs to his credit – he focused on the cultured rewriting of everything that has passed through the island. Your menu «Dominations », which combines research and fantastic aesthetics, is one of the most celebrated of the last decade of Italian cuisine. “From the Phoenicians to the Piedmontese, everyone took a lot from us, but they also left us something more – explains Ciccio – we are a sea of ​​things and from there comes the originality and, in a certain sense, the indispensability of the point of view and experience of being Sicilian »La Sicilia di Cuttaia it is instead that of personal memories. «I reinvent them, transforming them into dishes to celebrate seasons and symbols of my people’s cuisine – he says -. I always try to put memory on my plate, the testimony of a Sicily in black and white with all its charm and its wrinkles, places and people ». The most important aspect is that behind the masters there are talented young people, already established but still ambitious, tied to their land but with a great desire to tell it in a contemporary way: here they are in our selection.
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