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Summit for peace in Ukraine has 90 states and institutions confirmed, says Switzerland

So far, ninety states and organizations have registered to participate in the summit that aims to pave the way for peace in Ukraine, which Switzerland will host on June 15 and 16, the Swiss government said on Monday (10).

Russia was not invited to the summit in central Switzerland, but the government said in a statement that the meeting would aim to “jointly define a roadmap” on how to involve both the Kremlin and Ukraine in a future peace process.

Switzerland agreed in January to host the summit at the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and tried to drum up support for the meeting among countries that have better relations with Moscow than the main Western powers.

Russia considered the summit a waste of time. The country was not invited to participate, Switzerland says, because it signaled that it had no interest in participating. Switzerland also stresses, however, that Russia must be part of the peace process.

His absence has emboldened Moscow’s powerful allies such as China to say there is no point in peace talks unless Russia and Ukraine participate. Brazil will also not attend the meeting. This cooled expectations of any kind of major breakthrough in the negotiations taking place in Switzerland.

The summit is expected to discuss areas of broad international concern, such as the need for nuclear and food security, freedom of navigation, as well as humanitarian issues such as prisoners of war, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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