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Summit of the D-8 countries in Istanbul on Gaza

The foreign ministers of the D8 group, which includes the most populous non-Arab Islamic countries and Egypt, are meeting today in Istanbul to discuss the developments in Gaza. At the end of the meeting, the D-8 member countries are expected to adopt a joint statement on the war in Gaza, condemning Israel for its attacks on Gaza, calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, calling for the international community to take action to ensure that Israel complies with the measures decided by the International Court of Justice, invite third countries to become parties to the trial against Israel for genocide and send a message for the recognition of a Palestinian state. The D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation or simply D-8 (Developing 8 Countries) is a subgroup of countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the countries with the largest Muslim population participate in it. Indonesia is in first place, followed by Pakistan, Nigeria […]
Source: News Beast

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