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The weekend starts with low humidity in part of the country; check the forecast

The weekend should start with low humidity, less than 30%, and high temperatures in much of Brazil, this Saturday (8). According to Climatempo, this forecast applies to states in all regions.

The meteorology highlights the north and northeast of Paraná; west half, southwest and metropolitan region of São Paulo; western and southern half of Minas Gerais; west Bahia; south-central Piauí and Maranhão; northeast and northwest of Tocantins; south and southeast of Pará, practically all of Mato Grosso; south-central Roraima and extreme south of Mato Grosso do Sul.

In the Central-West region, which will be under these conditions in a large part of its area, the cause is an atmospheric blockage that continues to favor firm weather, sun and little cloudiness over all states in the region. The alert is for the risk of new fire outbreaks.

In the Northeast, especially in areas affected by low humidity, the weather is firm. In the eastern belt, on the other hand, instabilities persist, being more intense and immediate on the southern coast of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco.

The instability will be caused by the ingress of moisture from the ocean against the coast and the circulation of winds at higher levels of the atmosphere. In the northern strip, rain showers alternate with clear skies, and storms may come with more intensity over the coastal strip.

In the North, the intertropical convergence zone (ZCIT) continues to favor cloudy skies and rain at any time in the north of Amazonas, Roraima, northwest of Pará and east of Amapá, places where rain can fall more intensely. In other areas, rain and clear skies should alternate, while in Acre; In the west, south, southeast and east of Amazonas, central-south Pará and much of Tocantins, the sun predominates between few clouds.

The Southeast will be between two distinct climates. The circulation of winds from the ocean against the coast maintains instability on the coast and north of Espírito Santo, where rain is expected to fall in isolated spots. In the extreme northeast of Minas Gerais, the sky should be more cloudy and rain is expected at any time of the day.

Meanwhile, in other southeastern areas, little cloud cover should give way for the sun to predominate. In São Paulo, Vale do Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro and the Juiz de Fora region, in Minas, there are conditions for fog to form.

In the South, the dawn should be misty and foggy throughout the eastern part of the Region, including the capitals of each state. The weather remains firm with lots of sun and high temperatures during the afternoon in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The winds intensify in the west of Paraná, in missions and the Gaucho campaign.

*Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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