Sun, flag and emblems of PASOK return if A. Loverdos is elected

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Andreas Loverdos’ goal, if elected president of the party, is to make PASOK a big party again, which will be a third big party in the political scene, will restore the green sun as its sign, will return the old historical name of PASOK and its colors will be the traditional green and white, it was among other things, what it announced in advance from Volos in a gathering of old and new executives.

In the press conference that preceded his speech, Andreas Loverdos reminded that no one is going to become a crutch, but he does not deny the dialogue and that he does not think of cooperating with New Democracy, since such a possible proposal has not been made by Mr. Mitsotakis. while in the case of SYRIZA he will answer in the negative, as Dimitris Koutsoumbas and Giannis Varoufakis have already done, saying that such a proposal by Alexis Tsipras is a ploy to return to power.

Mr. Loverdos also stated that one of his goals is to more than double the party’s percentages and he addresses citizens who voted for New Democracy in 2019 so that Alexis Tsipras’ SYRIZA does not remain in power, to the citizens who are traditionally placed in the central political space and to citizens who moved to SYRIZA, were dissatisfied with his choices and want to return to a real PASOK.

Andreas Loverdos also said that even if he is not elected, he will remain united in the party, as he did with Fofi Gennimata in 2015, but also if he is elected and takes over the reins of the party, three vice-presidents will wait for some top members of the party, something that until now he thinks, but which he has not formalized to this day.

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