Superfood, from cooking to cosmetics

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If everything that comes from the natural world immediately transmits a feeling of well-being, it is also the same for creams and serums that contain within them superfood literally to eat. Ingredients rich in nutrients and which also benefit the skin and hair.

One above all is the coconut, an ingredient that immediately takes us away with the mind, on the white beaches of exotic paradises. L’Erbolario has dedicated an entire line to coconut, precisely because of its multifunctional beneficial properties.

The Lodi laboratories have obtained two cosmetic active ingredients: Coconut extract, with a nourishing and moisturizing action, and a refreshing and softening Coconut Distillate. Both are sourced from ripe nuts, meaning that they naturally fall to the ground, harvested by small landowners in the Ghana region. While Virgin, Organic and Fairtrade Coconut Oil comes to us from the farming communities of the Philippine islands. The star product is coconut oil, with a solid consistency: perfect for the hair, to nourish the driest parts of the body, but also to remove make-up from the eyes.

Skin friendly foods are those rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and antioxidants. The extraction methods allow to preserve all the virtues and the clean formulas make them more powerful and effective.

The most desired are superfoods antioxidants, which counteract cellular oxidation caused by free radicals, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying such as curcuma, one of the favorite ingredients of Miranda Kerr, owner of the Kora Organics brand.

In recent years, even the hemp, and in particular the oil extracted from hemp seeds, has been transformed into the superfood of cosmetics, thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory power. The foods of the Mediterranean diet remain the star ingredients to nourish the skin and provide antioxidants that protect against aging. For example, theolive oil, present in the beauty line of Jennifer Lopez, and capers included in the products of the Sicilian brand Asciari, which represent the biodiversity of the territory.

The miele, sweet and emollient ingredient, it is an opportunity to protect the ecosystem of bees. Bees and other pollinators allow many plants to reproduce, including numerous food crops: “Honey bees and solitary bees are important pollinators – explains Carlo Taccari, President of the Buono APS association – at the basis of life on earth and a natural environment healthy. They allow plants to reproduce and support complex food chains ensuring the survival of birds and mammals, including us humans, contributing to the production of about a third of the food we eat every day. Today’s challenge is to protect them in a constantly changing and threatened environment. Responsibility begins with the commitment of all of us ».

Choosing quality foods, at km0 and that enhance local productions is the challenge of this cosmetics to embrace a unique lifestyle based on well-being, from food to beauty.

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