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“Support for Israel is not a given as long as it violates humanitarian law in the name of self-defense”

The Israel it may be “successfully” continuing military operations in Gaza, but it is slowly becoming isolated diplomatically, especially after the massive civilian casualties from the constant shelling.

In accordance with Sky Newsbecause the Jewish state is “violating humanitarian law in the name of self-defense,” its allies are beginning to walk away and call for a cease-fire, especially at times of battlefield successes.

Characteristically, when Israel announced that a Hamas headquarters had been found in the basement of Al Shifa Hospital, the Macron stated that “the right of self-defense should be included in the framework of international humanitarian law”.

He also said that “we condemn in the strongest possible terms all bombings against civilians, especially civilian infrastructure that must be protected under our international law and humanitarian law.”

In addition, the attitude of the US that they did not agree on the invasion of this particular hospital and Blinken’s frequent visits to the Middle East in the context of finding a solution, which Netanyahu rejects, show the situation that Israel is slowly finding itself in.

The British publication therefore states that the attitude of the allies “may confirm the narrative of Israel’s opponents that it is engaged in an unjust war of aggression”, as its leadership wants to continue the war, without sitting at the negotiating table.

Source: News Beast

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