SUS was hampered by stupidity called spending ceiling, which we will have to revoke, says Lula in inauguration speech

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In his inaugural speech in Congress, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he should revoke the constitutional rule that limits government spending to inflation.

“SUS is probably the most democratic of the institutions created by the 1988 Constitution. That is certainly why it has been the most persecuted since then, and it was also the most harmed by a stupidity called the Spending Ceiling, which we will have to revoke”, he said in the National Congress this Sunday afternoon (1st).

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“We are going to recompose Health budgets to guarantee basic assistance, Popular Pharmacy, promote access to specialized medicine. We are going to recompose Education budgets, invest in more universities, in technical education, in universal access to the internet, in the expansion of day care centers and in full-time public education. This is the investment that will truly lead to the development of the country”.

The president then considers that the proposed model does not disregard fiscal responsibility.

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“The model we propose, approved at the ballot box, does require a commitment to responsibility, credibility and predictability; and we will not give up on that. It was with budgetary, fiscal and monetary realism, seeking stability, controlling inflation and respecting contracts that we governed this country”

*Under update / published by Ligia Tuon

Source: CNN Brasil

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