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Suspect of supplying ketamine that killed ex-girlfriend surrenders in Manaus

The man suspected of supplying ketamine to the family of ex-sinha Djidja Cardoso, who died on the 28th after a cerebral edema caused by ketamine, handed himself in to the Civil Police, in Manaus, in the early afternoon of this Saturday (8).

The delegate responsible for the case, Cícero Túlio, confirmed the arrest to CNN.

José Máximo de Oliveira owns a veterinary clinic and was the last fugitive suspected of supplying the substance to the ex-sinhazinha’s family. Two other clinic employees were arrested on Friday (7).

Also on Friday, Bruno Cardoso, who was Djidja’s ex-partner, was arrested, along with his personal trainer, Hatus Silveira.

The two are also suspected of involvement in a religious cult, like a kind of sect, called “Father, Mother and Life”, which encouraged participants to use anesthetics, where the leaders made the participants believe that they would transcend to higher dimensions and salvation on a higher plane, the investigations showed.

Furthermore, according to investigations, two people were kept in private prison during “Father, Mother and Life” activities, naked and without access to personal hygiene for days.

Due to the sect’s actions, one of the participants, who was pregnant, ended up suffering a miscarriage.

Cleusimar Cardoso and Ademar Cardoso, Djidja’s mother and brother, are also being investigated for the death of the former little lady.

According to investigations, the person would be one of those responsible for supplying the drug to the family.

They must answer for drug trafficking, association for drug trafficking, putting the health or life of others at risk, forgery, corruption, adulteration of products intended for therapeutic and medicinal purposes, induced abortion without the pregnant woman’s consent, rape vulnerability, charlatanism, witchcraft, kidnapping, false imprisonment and illegal restraint.

The case remains under investigation by the Civil Police.

Source: CNN Brasil

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