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Toxicologist explains care with the use of painkillers after deaths involving substances

Amid recent cases involving deaths related to the misuse of substances such as ketamine and morphine, toxicologist Álvaro Pulchinelli, from Grupo Fleury, warned about the dangers of these drugs when used without medical supervision.

Ketamine: Veterinary Anesthetic with Hallucinogenic Potential

Ketamine, a drug used as an anesthetic in large animals, was abandoned for use in humans due to side effects such as excessive production of pulmonary secretion. When ingested, it causes depression of the central nervous system, inducing drowsiness, drowsiness and, in extreme cases, coma.

“In some people, there is a hallucinogenic potential,” explained Pulchinelli. “In excessive doses, it can kill by depressing the heart muscle, the myocardium.”

Morphine: Potent Analgesic with Respiratory Risks

Morphine, a painkiller widely used in medicine, can be dangerous in high doses. “It depresses the respiratory centers, which programs our body to continue breathing”, said the toxicologist.

“It can also cause acute lung edema, making breathing even more difficult,” he added.

Control and Commercialization

Both substances are controlled and require a medical prescription for purchase and use. Anvisa strictly regulates its commercialization, but criminal diversion and forgery can occur, as suspected in recent cases.

Pulchinelli emphasized that, when used under medical supervision and in appropriate doses, these drugs are safe and their use is justified. However, abusive or toxic use can result in serious and even fatal consequences.

Source: CNN Brasil

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