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Suspected of having her father and brother killed for inheritance, woman is arrested in the interior of SP

A woman was arrested on Monday (22) on suspicion of having paid for the murder of her father and brother in Votuporanga, in the interior of São Paulo.

Viviane Moré and her husband, Carlos Ramos, who was also arrested, are accused of also ordering the death of her mother. However, the mother had traveled and was not found at home by the killers.

According to the Civil Police, Viviane planned to eliminate the family to inherit her parents’ assets alone, valued at R$ 2 million. She and her husband Carlos Ramos would pay R$30,000 to the perpetrators of the crimes — R$10,000 per death.

The double homicide took place in the early hours of May 11, at the family farm. Military police went to the scene after receiving a distress call, through a solidarity surveillance group, via WhatsApp.

They found owner Wladmyr Ferreira Baggio, 56, and his son Vitor Moré Baggio, 22, tied to chairs and blindfolded in the farm’s kitchen.

Both had gunshot wounds to their heads and signs of beatings. Wladmyr was dead and Vitor was even taken to the Santa Casa in the city, but he died in the hospital.

The initial suspicion was robbery, as Wladmyr’s car was loaded with objects removed from the property. With the quick arrival of the police, the criminals fled through a forest taking only money and the property owner’s cell phone.

Hours after the crime, two suspects were arrested. One of them was seen by witnesses hanging around the site the day before.

According to Deputy Rafael Latorre, from the General Investigations Police Station (DIG), the 29-year-old suspect ended up confessing to the crime and revealing where he had hidden a 38-caliber revolver, gloves and the clothes used on the occasion. He also pointed out the partner, 34 years old.

“The plan was to fake a robbery, but the police arrived too quickly and there was no time. A PM lieutenant saw the word ‘help’ in the message sent by Wladmyr and called 190 (PM’s emergency number),” she said.

According to the chief of police, the fact that the suspect quickly and alone assumed responsibility for the crimes, including confessing to having fired the shots for no reason, since the two were tied together, raised suspicion.

“We went to the jail to hear him again and he ended up giving all the details, including about a meeting they had with the bosses, three days before, at a gas station.”

The delegate requested the images from the station’s cameras and had no more doubts.

“The couple met the two executors at the service station and were not careful to hide it, as they did not even fill up the vehicle. They went there just to arrange the crime, which also included the death of her mother, but the lady had traveled to Aparecida do Taboado, in Mato Grosso do Sul, to visit her mother, who was sick”, she said.

The executors would receive R$30,000 for the crimes — R$10,000 for the murder, including that of Viviane’s mother.

According to the delegate, the murdered man had a commercial establishment in the city and lived with his son and wife in the farm, close to the Votuporanga airport. The couple’s equity, between goods and money, was estimated at around R$ 2 million.

“What the arrested criminal said is that the woman had disagreements with her family and wanted to eliminate her parents and brother to remain the sole heir to the entire estate. There was a problem because the mother survived, ”she said.

The couple’s arrest warrant was issued by the justice of Votuporanga, which also authorized the conversion of temporary arrest into preventive. The two direct perpetrators of the crime, arrested in flagrante delicto, have also already had preventive detention decreed. They had passages for theft and burglary.

The couple did not have records with the police. The four accused will respond for double robbery with aggravating factors.

On social networks, a post circulated by Viviane shortly after her brother’s murder. “Your journey has unfortunately come to an end, may Iansã have accompanied you on your journey and may you be received with many parties at Orum. I will always have only good memories with you”, she wrote, quoting terms from cults of African origin.

Lawyer Mariflavia Peixe de Lima, who took on the defense of the couple Viviane and Carlos, said that those being investigated, their clients, have the right to full defense and adversarial proceedings. “Any statement about the situation before a final judgment, this defense abhors,” she said in a statement.

The report was unable to contact the defense of the other two accused.

Source: CNN Brasil

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