Sweden: Authorities urge citizens to avoid crowds in Turkey after far-right politician sets Koran on fire

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Her Foreign Ministry Sweden warned today the citizens of the country who are in Turkey to avoid crowds and demonstrations after the recent one burning it Koran in Stockholm by a far-right politician last week.

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Last week, Turkey suspends talks with Sweden and Finland over their NATO bids after the move by the leader of Denmark’s far-right party “Hard Line” Rasmus Paludan, to burn a copy of the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

Paludan’s actions led to protests in Muslim countries, including Turkey.

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“Swedes in Turkey are asked to be informed about the development of events and to avoid large gatherings and demonstrations,” says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Protests are likely to take place outside the embassy in Ankara and the consulate general in Istanbul in the coming days,” it added.

After Paludan’s move, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson said he supported freedom of speech. “But what is legal is not necessarily right. Burning holy books for many is a deeply ungodly act,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sweden and Finland they applied last year to join NATO after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They need the support of all 30 Alliance members. Turkey has said that Sweden in particular should take a clearer stance on what Ankara calls terrorists – mainly armed Kurds – and an organization it blames for the 2016 coup attempt in order to support the two countries’ candidacy.

Source: News Beast

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