Sweden cancels buses and closes police stations as many workers fall ill

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The explosive rise of new coronavirus cases in Sweden has affected critical services, as many police officers and bus drivers have been positively diagnosed.

“About 3,000 police officers, 10% of Sweden’s total force, are ill or in quarantine,” he said on Wednesday (19/1). Radio Sweden. In fact, some small police stations were forced to close.

“The situation is marginal in some parts,” he told the radio station Patrick Danielson, Health and Safety representative of the Swedish Police Association.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for National Business Center stated on Swedish television that the police force is ready to relocate staff and re-prioritize tasks in order to manage the situation.

Swedish television also reported that about 10% of bus drivers in the western province fell ill Vermland. As a result, 40-50 itineraries per day are canceled. “The situation is serious,” he said Mikael Bergman, responsible for itineraries in the area.

Its rapid spread Omicron variant is reflected in the statistics announced on Wednesday (19/1) by the service Public Health of Sweden.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country exceeded 1.7 million, an increase of almost 200,000 compared to last week. The last 24 hours recorded the highest number of new infections, about 43,000 in a country with a population of 10.4 million.

The previous record of 26,566 cases was set on January 12.

The record was set despite the limited ability to perform tests.

THE Sweden, with a population of 10.4 million, also recorded 67 new deaths from complications of the disease in the last 24 hours.

Her government Sweden announced new restrictions this month as the most contagious Omicron variant is spreading rapidly and putting pressure on the country’s healthcare system.

The number of citizens being tested for is also showing a dramatic increase Covid-19. Some administrative districts of the country have reached the limits of their possibilities, regarding the conduct of audits, and now they urge the citizens to take tests only if it is absolutely necessary.

On Tuesday, several health professionals, including o President of the Medical Association of Stockholm, said the tests had become “irrelevant”, as almost everyone with symptoms has become infected and the test results now take up to a week.

THE Kronberg, one of its 25 health districts Sweden, announced on Wednesday (19/1) that it will discontinue all tests except those conducted in hospitals and on patients and staff of nursing homes.

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