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Switzerland: The government denies the re-export of arms to Ukraine

THE Swiss government announced today that it will not change its long-standing policy of banning the transfer of Swiss-made weapons to third countries, despite growing pressure from European countries to export them to Ukraine.

Appeals to Switzerland to break centuries of tradition that it has as a neutral state have been increasing both at home and abroad since Russia invaded Ukraine just over a year ago. In January, two parliamentary committees had recommended relaxing the rules.

However, the cabinet rejected the request after a meeting.

The Federal Council is committed to Switzerland’s values ​​of neutrality and will continue to work to ensure that the benefits of neutrality are realized“, he said in a statement. However, he stated that will continue to monitor the discussions and make further announcements “as and when necessary”.

Since the war began, Switzerland has received requests from Germany, Denmark and Spain to re-export war material to Ukraine, but all of these requests have been rejected. However, it has adopted European Union sanctions and has repeatedly called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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