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In Rio, PF arrests Russian wanted by Interpol for ten years

This Friday (10), a 41-year-old Russian foreigner was arrested by the Federal Police. According to the PF, he was listed as wanted in Interpol’s Red Difference and had been on the run from Russian justice for over ten years.

According to Russian authorities, the prisoner is responsible for fraudulently using corporate public cards and appropriating the embezzled money. If convicted by the Russian court, the foreigner can face up to ten years in prison.

The PF will also investigate how the Russian entered Brazil and how and where he remained for so long without being captured.

The foreigner was taken to the prison system in Rio de Janeiro, where he will remain until his final extradition to Russia.

The preventive arrest warrant for extradition purposes was issued by the Federal Supreme Court last Wednesday (8), following a request made by the National Central Office of Interpol in Brasília.

Source: CNN Brasil

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