Switzerland: Water levels in four large lakes are at their lowest levels for the month of August

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Water levels in four of Switzerland’s major lakes are at their lowest for the month of August, after a year of scant rain, according to the federal environment ministry.

These are the lakes of Constance, Four Cantons or Lucerne, Lugano and Valens. The volume of water flowing into the Rhine, which originates in the Swiss Alps, was at an all-time low for August.

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“There is a low-level situation in Switzerland, mainly in the central plateau and south of Ticino,” the Italian-speaking part of the country, Michel Oberhansill, data officer of the hydrological information department of the federal environment ministry, said today.

The cause; The “absence of rainfall in 2022,” he explained to AFP.

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Lake Constance, Lucerne, Lugano and Valen are not the only ones affected.

Lake Maggiore, which, at 193 meters above sea level, is the lowest in Switzerland, and Lake Zug “are still giving values ​​well below average,” Oberhansil said.

With the exception of Lake Jura and Lake Thun, water levels in all other large Swiss lakes are also below the long-term average.

At the same time the level of many rivers is also low.

“The flow of the Rhine and the Rus has never been this low since the August measurements began,” Omerhansil said.

According to her, the rain expected to fall in the coming days is expected to “slightly alleviate” this situation in Switzerland. But this “will not be enough”.

Source: Capital

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