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Sydney Sweeney’s nudes in Euphoria sent to her relatives: “Disgusting”

In an interview with GQ, Sydney Sweeney talked about the impact of the blinding light of the spotlight after starring in Euphoria.

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The Emmy-nominated actress was very candid in describing the role of Cassie, particularly in regards to her nude scenes on TV. But, as she revealed, there is a downside in all this attention.

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Sydney Sweeney said there was a time when she had to deal with a trolling online unjustified. After the first season of Euphoria, some trolls on social media screenshotted her nude scenes and then tagged her family members in the photos. “I assure you my cousins ​​don’t need to see this stuff,” said the actress, “It’s absolutely disgusting and unfair.” She went on to say, “We’re talking about a character dealing with the problem of being a sexualized person in school and then the audience doing exactly the same thing.”

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The actress admitted that despite the growing attention, she does not intend to avoid the spotlight, saying: “I’m an artist, I play characters. That fact just makes me want to play characters that piss people off». Sydney shared similar sentiments in a 2021 interview with Teen Vogueunderlining that she has «compartmented» her nude scenes: «The simplest way I have handled these nude scenes – and not everyone will agree – is that I have made sure that When I see those pictures, I immediately think, “That’s not me. That’s Cassie. Or that’s Pippa. You see the character, not Sydney“, he said.

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In the GQ interview Sydney also expressed her hopes for Cassie’s future in Euphoria. It will still be a while before the HBO series returns, but Sydney dreams of exploring a new side of her character: «There was a point where Cassie started learning how to manipulate Nate. I think it would be fun to play with that power that she discovered she has,” she said.

Source: Vanity Fair

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